Podi & Poriyal is an offering from Arpanam Pte Ltd, a social enterprise, started by the Nadathur Family in Singapore.

At Arpanam, we aim to provide enriching experiences rooted in Indian culture and customs. Driven by the need to celebrate experientialism in today’s product driven world, we are excited to launch this one of a kind platform to connect our very own Singapore society with Indian art, traditions and culture. Coupled with a warm and inviting space, Arpanam invites you to participate and create lasting memories.

Arpanam is a social venture, with all profits redirected back to society, thereby enabling and supporting local artisans and cultural programs in the myriad ways possible.

Located in Little India, Podi & Poriyal is a restaurant, specializing in serving authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine, in a welcoming environment that is just as tasteful! We provide a truly wholesome culinary experience from palette to personnel and place.

The stylized menu finds its roots in quintessential heirloom foods from the small towns of Tamil Nadu, meticulously crafted with the highest quality ingredients and methodology. Every meal in our daily changing menu is specially curated and perfected with keen attention to detail right from the first sieve. We serve an assortment of homely meals and snacks with a penchant for re-establishing long forgotten or rarely found South Indian recipes and processes.

NO RICE, NO PROBLEM! All our meals come with the option of choosing millets that are just as tasty and nutritious.

Patrons who walk into Podi & Poriyal can expect a curated culinary experience, with ample nourishment for the body, mind and soul and we hope that will keep you coming back for more!!